5 Fantastic Reasons to Purchase a Folding Bike

Folded Bikes
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Bicycles are fantastic tools for transportation. Whether you are riding through mountain trails or cycling to work, the role of the bicycle hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1817.

However, the folding bike has become a game-changing piece of technology. This variation of the traditional bicycle was invented in 1878 to provide a more mobile and portable riding experience for city riders who need to get around with ease, like me.

There is plenty to like about folding bikes, so let’s explore their benefits together.

Compact and Portable: A Lightweight Cycling Solution

First and foremost, the primary selling point of a folding bicycle is its compact and portable nature. For a city rider like myself, having the ability to stow my bike away into small spaces is of supreme importance. After all, it is much easier to carry a folded bike into my office than a full-sized road bike.

Traditionally, folding bicycles are designed with a focus on component optimization. The goal here is to make the bike as slim and lightweight as possible so that the device can be stowed away with just a few movements. Typically, this means that a folding bike will compact down until both tires are sitting side by side.  Pretty cool, right?

There are other advantages to purchasing a folding bike, including the following.

  1. Ideal For All Lifestyles – The folding bicycle may be a special model of cycle, but it is not limited at all in its application. Folding bicycles are ideal for individuals of every lifestyle and background. Whether you are looking to spend time on the trails or you simply want to commute to work with an affordable e-bike, folding bikes can get the job done.
  2. Quick and Convenient Storage – Folding bicycles can be compacted to easily fit inside of cars, boats, and trains. Folding bicycles are also great for office workers who want to store their bike inside their place of work. Folding bicycles can even be compacted down enough to fit beneath a traditional office desk.
  3. Multiple Folding Bike Styles  – Folding bicycles are now available in a variety of different styles. Shoppers can find mountain bikes that are made for folding as well as road bikes for the same purposes. Folding bikes shouldn’t be chosen as a replacement for traditional specialist bikes, but they work as a great backup choice.

Numerous Designs and Styles: Flexible Riding Options Available

While folding bicycles are awesome due to their lightweight nature, we revere how flexible and dynamic the products can be. Folding bicycles come in just about every size, style, and shape available to provide advanced support for the riders who need it. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common folding bike riding uses. We’re pretty sure you will be included on this list, somewhere!

  1. Commuters – Traditionally, you’ll find folding bicycles most common with the commuting community. I live in a large city so I know that I need a bike that I can carry on and off the train. As someone who needs help with mobility, my commuter bike keeps me comfortable no matter where I am going.
  2. Mountain Biking – Folding bikes can be used for mountain biking thanks to developments within the realm of folding bike tech. Folding bikes aren’t going to be as rugged as traditional mountain bikes, but their flexibility and ease-of-travel provide very real benefits for long-distance cyclists.
  3. Leisure Riding – Folding bikes can make for a great pleasure riding solution. Thanks to their quaint size and easy-to-stow style, folding bikes are great for a getaway ride at the park.
  4. Electric Folding Bikes – More folding bikes today are being designed with a motor for pedal assistance. Known as an e-bike, an electric folding bike will provide enough power for a rider with mobility issues to attain a steady speed. There are many great reasons to consider a folding e-bike, but keep in mind they are usually heavier than their non-electric brethren due to the addition of a motor and battery. The exciting part about this segment is there are continual strides in producing lighter folding ebikes. So keep watching..

A folding bicycle is ideal for several reasons not related to anything we’ve discussed yet. These flexible cycling solutions provide a ton of utility and even more enjoyment to those who need them.

Keep in mind, folding bike tires range in size from 8″ to 26″, ensuring that your foldie can adapt to the road ahead of you. With dynamic and entertaining designs, it is easy to find a folding bike that is as fashionable, cool, or quirky as you are!

Easy to Fold and Use: Modern Cycling Solutions

When I first purchased my folding bike, I was floored by just how small the bicycle could get. Folding bikes come in a variety of sizes as we’ve outlined above, with different bodies and wheel sizes, but they can largely be classified into four core groups.

  1. Compact Folding Bike – The compact folding bike describes any folding bike smaller than your traditional road or mountain bike. The traditional compact folding bike will rely on 20″ wheels, similar to that of a BMX bike. Compact bikes are similar in appearance to the average road bike, though wheels and frame design mark the biggest difference.
  2. Full-Size Folding Bike – While folding bikes were designed to save space, some manufacturers are designing larger folding bikes than ever. Typically the same size as non-folding bikes, full-sized foldies sport 26″ tires for rougher riding endeavors. Even though these bikes are large, they still fold down with collapsible components.
  3. Portable Folding Bike – For the individual that wants to save as much space as possible, the portable folding bike is the right choice. Typically less efficient than the other options, these bikes feature wheels that are 16″ in size. Suitable for fitting into a backpack or suitcase, you’ll be blown away by how easy these bikes are to stow away.
  4. Electric Folding Bikes – Designed with an electric motor on the body, an e-bike is ideal for attaining higher speeds on your bicycle. E-bikes offer an energy-efficient and emission-free form of transportation with an array of health benefits.

As space increasingly becomes a premium in our day-to-day lives, space-saving solutions like the foldable bike will keep cropping up. Take some time to assess your personal needs and use that as a leaping board to make an informed purchasing decision regarding your next bike!

A Joy to Ride: From Roads to Mountain Trails

Folding bicycles are usable in just about every environment. As we highlighted above, folding bikes are ideal for commuting, leisure riding, and even trail riding! These small biking solutions are great no matter what your experience level is. 

Thanks to how popular the industry has become, folding bikes are available in unique and exciting styles. You can quickly find a bike that matches your style while also suiting your needs. A folding bike can make that semi-short commute a joy every morning.

Besides, studies have shown that cycling can literally make us happier. According to a report published by the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, pioneered by a neuroscientist from Canada, cycling literally can help to improve your memory, planning, reasoning, and overall happiness.

Folding Bikes Have a Booming Resale Market

While investing in a folding bike definitely cost a bit of money, these bikes make for great long-term investments. As it turns out, folding bicycles have a roaring second-hand market. You could take my Montague Paratrooper from 15 years ago and sell it for almost brand-new, today.

Of course, the story behind my Montague Paratrooper is far more interesting than its name might let on. Montague was originally founded in 1987 by David Montague with an idea to craft a better, full-size folding bike. The United States Marines would catch wind of this project and appropriate it for their paratroopers. Now, decades later, a civilian version of the traditional Montague Paratrooper still sells to this day.

Still, bicycles make great investments as they enjoy a flourishing resale market.

Folding Bikes 101: Comfort and Convenience 

Outside of the amazing folding benefits and the portable nature of the product, a folding bike can offer the same array of health benefits that any other bicycle can offer.

When I was looking for a portable bike that I could easily use and quickly store, the folding bike came through for me. Whether you are looking for health benefits, an affordable bike, or a new hobby, buying a folding bike is a win for everyone!

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