Folding Wheels was created by Dave a serial entrepreneur whose active lifestyle increased through his first folding bike a Montague Paratrooper. His ability to take his bike anywhere (without a hitch) led him to another purchase but this time a folding electronic bike.

Enjoying the creativity and ingenuity in the folding bike niche while finding few beginner-friendly sources of any authority online, he launched Folding Wheels to help provide quick and easy-to-use information and reviews about folding bikes, products, safety, trends, and devices for like-minded folding mobility and environmental enthusiasts.

This comic perfectly captures his continued enthusiasm for the folding bike industry and this site.

Dave previously found himself in the national spotlight as the creator of the world’s first caffeine-enhanced water – and more recently exited as the original founder of one of the oldest and most successful independent beverage e-commerce sites on the internet. He has appeared in numerous publications and media outlets throughout the years.