Amp Rides Limited Volt DS 750 90NM With Elite Upgrades Review

Volt DS 750 90NM Dual Suspension
Volt DS 750 90NM Dual Suspension

Amp Rides Limited Volt DS 750 90NM full suspension fat tire folding electric bike with Elite upgrade package is a seriously awesome-looking e-bike. While this seems like a mouthful when we came across this folding electric bike we knew we had to do a review.

Amp Rides seems to have found its niche in the electric bike industry by taking a few base models and offering semi-custom upgrades. Amp Rides focuses on high-quality components to create powerful, eye-catching electric bikes while maintaining affordable prices. Amp Rides e-bikes could be priced higher and still be an incredible deal.

Amp Rides Limited Volt DS: Powerful Hub Motor

Amp Rides has always set out to deliver a high-performance riding experience to its customers. The most well-known rear hub motor for power is the Bafang 750W (90NM) which is usually coupled with a 48V battery and 20 AMP controller. Amp Rides developed a custom Amp Rides Plus 750W rear hub motor for the Limited Edition models that goes beyond the Bafang 750W with 90NM of torque, a 52V 28aH battery, and a 25 AMP controller. If you want speed, the Amp Rides Limited Volt DS can be unlocked and capable of reaching speeds of 35 miles per hour!

As mentioned in our Amp Rides Limited Volt 750W Step Thru review the gearing perfectly matches the powerful motor with a 56T front sprocket and 11-34T rear cassette. Amp Rides puts the word “better” into every feature of their fat tire folding electric bikes.

Amp Rides Limited Volt DS: Full Suspension (or Dual Suspension)

The DS stands for dual suspension or full suspension. Full suspension electric bikes have become more in demand over the last few years as riders have enjoyed the trails but have tired of absorbing all the bumps in their arms and backs. You just need to look at how excited the marketplace got when Lectric XP announced that their 2.0 version was to be equipped with a front suspension fork.

Amp Rides Limited Volt DS is equipped with a front suspension and a rear suspension with an A5-RE ExaForm air shock that can be adjusted to the rider’s preference. A rear frame suspension is more desirable for rough terrain riding than a cheap, bouncy suspension seat post.

Amp Rides Limited Volt DS: Elite Upgrades

So what’s all the hype with Elite upgrades that make the Amp Rides Limited Volt DS awesome? To start the MOZO double shoulder inverted front suspension fork with a full sized motorcycle Halo headlight with low and high beams immediately makes you feel like you’re riding something more than your everyday e-bike.

On top of the moto-style front fork sits BMX style handlebars with a center mounted color display. Propalm cushioned leather lock-on grips are stylish end caps to the handlebars.

With the upgraded BMX handlebars this e-bike currently only folds in half. Amp Rides is working on a solution such as using a 90-degree turning stem such as Schulze Salam stem twist, Revelo THINStem or N-Lock.

The Elite upgrades also include Tektro E725 hydraulic quad piston brakes for extra stopping power which perfectly accompanies your choice of white or black Vee Tires.

“Adding the Elite upgrades puts the Amp Rides Limited Volt DS on steroids”

Josh Bungen, Amp Rides USA

Amp Rides Limited Volt DS: Weight

Fat tire folding electric bikes are definitively on the heavier side but they make up for the extra weight with speed and fun. Amp Rides Limited Volt DS with the upgrades and a 52V 28Ah battery weighs in at 82 lbs.

Amp Rides Limited Volt DS: Conclusion

In a world of Sondors MadMods, Juiced Scramblers, and Ariel Riders that are more styled after mopeds, a folding electric bike of this caliber can often get overlooked. While others tout speed – this has it. While others talk about style – this has them beat. While this only folds in half (for now) – so what. If you want a high-performance full suspension folding fat tire electric bike then for $500 reserve your semi-custom Amp Rides Limited Volt DS 750 90NM with Elite upgrade package. It’s still a mouthful…but who cares!

UPDATE 7-19-2022

This model may no longer be available. Please check the link below for a more powerful Limited Volt DS 750 90NM

Amp Rides Volt DS 750 90NM: Pricing and Specs

The Amp Rides Limited Volt DS 750 90NM dual-suspension folding fat tire e-bike with the Elite upgrade is currently priced at $2,824 USD (to be exact) and includes free shipping.

The new Limited Volt DS frames now have a lower seat height of 33″ and a removable rear rack.

The Limited Volt 750 DS 90NM carries a 12-month warranty on electrical/mechanical components and frames.

The main features are as follows:

MOTOR Amp Rides Plus 750W/90NM. Waterproof 40 amp 12 Mosfet controller
BATTERY 52V 25 AH Samsung/LG
RANGE 45 -80 Mile Range on Pedal-Assist
THROTTLE Yes, thumb
GEARS Chainwheel – Prowheel 56T, Shimano Altus 11-34T 8-Speed with trigger shifter
FRAME 6061 Al-Alloy Foldable Folding Frame
FORK MOZO double shoulder, inverted front fork
REAR SUSPENSION A5-RE ExaForm air shock
MAX SPEED 20 mph, Class 2. Offroad unlocked 31-35 mph settings
HANDLEBARS BMX style wide bar
GRIPS Propalm leather lock-on
RIMS 20 inch Spoke wheels in color options
TIRES Kenda Blackwall 20″ x 4″ with night glow sidewalls or optional Vee Zig Zag Whitewalls
LIGHTS Halo Headlight, taillight with brake light with turn signals
BRAKES Tektro E725 top of the line Quad piston hydraulic brakes with motor cutoff switches, 180mm rotors
FENDERS Front and rear full fenders
WEIGHT 82 lbs
FOLDED DIMENSIONS 43″ x 30″ x 20″

Photos Courtesy Amp Rides USA