Carbon Frame Folding E-Bike Roundup

CARBO started raising funds in 2018 via Indiegogo for what was billed as the “world’s lightest folding e-bike.” What made this folding e-bike so lightweight was the use of a Japanese Toray carbon fiber frame. Since that time on the heels of CARBO’s success other carbon fiber folding e-bikes have emerged.

Why a Carbon Fiber Folding Bike Frame

So what is the allure of carbon bicycle frames? It’s all about weight! Carbon fiber frames weigh in at a fraction of aluminum alloy and steel, however, the strength is much higher. A carbon frame is also produced through a mold so there are no weld points. While these are all good features they also lead to a considerably higher production cost.

Pros and Cons of Carbon Fiber Folding Bike Frames


  • Lighter weight (1/3 of alloy and 1/4 of steel)
  • Greater stiffness improves handling
  • Carbon frames don’t rust
  • Carbon frames can be repaired if chipped/cracked


  • Carbon fiber frames are definitely more expensive
  • Carbon fiber frames can crack
  • Carbon fiber is not very recyclable

Given the heaviness of folding electric bikes these days the one component that can reduce the overall weight (the other is the battery) is by producing a folding e-bike with a carbon fiber frame and fork.

So let’s get started with what is in the marketplace today for lightweight, urban folding electric bikes with carbon fiber frames. And what is getting ready to launch…


Image Credit: CARBO

The CARBO X is the lightest CARBO model. CARBO offers upgrade options as well as a CARBO S geared version.

  • Weight 30.4 Lbs
  • Belt Drive
  • 250W motor
  • Seatpost Battery 36V, 7Ah (Samsung battery)
  • Speed + Torque sensor
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes
  • Price: $2,549.00 USD

Morfuns Eole S

Image Credit: Morfuns

Morfuns Eole S is their carbon fiber model in the Eole folding e-bike lineup.

  • Weight 33 Lbs
  • 9 Speed Gear Shift
  • 250W Brushless Gear Hub Motor
  • Seatpost Battery 36V, 6.4Ah
  • Torque sensor
  • Hydraulic Disc brakes
  • Price: $3,099 USD

Furo X Carbon Fiber E-bike

Image Credit: Furo

Furo X Carbon Folding E-bike is unique in that its battery is mounted on the back of the seat post.

  • Weight 33 Lbs
  • 9 Speeds Shimano Gears
  • 250W BAFANG Rear Hub Motor
  • Battery 36V, 8.7Ah with integrated turn signals
  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Price: $2,399 USD

And coming soon…

Image Credit: Morfuns Eole S Red Version

The Morfuns Eole S Red Version will soon be part of an upcoming Indiegogo campaign. With all the same specs as the Morfuns Eole S (shown above), this red version will be priced to sell quickly at $1,799 USD.