Changing Mechanical Disc Brakes on Qualisports Dolphin

Qualisports Dolphin with JAK Super Brakes
Qualisports Dolphin with JAK Super Brakes

If you’re riding your folding e-bike as much as I am with my Qualisports Dolphin there comes a time when your brake pads need to be replaced. You can only twist that brake barrel adjuster so far.

For some, it is easier to head over to your local e-bike technician for replacement pads. For others, like myself, I enjoy a good DIY project on a summer afternoon.

Changing Mechanical Brake Pads

Supplies checklist

Before you begin changing your brake pads you need to have the following tools and supplies.

  1. 5mm and 3mm wrench
  2. Long nose pliers
  3. E-bike brakes pads
  4. Brake cleaner
  5. Rags
Remove these brake caliper screws

Steps to changing brake pads

  1. Use 5mm wrench to remove the brake caliper
  2. Remove the cotter pin with long nose pliers
  3. Pop-out old brake pads
  4. Use brake cleaner and rags to remove grease and oil from the brake caliper and rotor
  5. Insert new brake pads
  6. Re-insert the cotter pin and bend back end with pliers
  7. Re-install brake caliper
  8. Spin the wheel to look for any rubbing
  9. Adjust brake caliper as needed (click to watch video)

Folding Wheels Tip: Be careful when cleaning rotors. They are sharp and can easily cut.

For those that would rather learn how to change brake pads from a video, this one does a great job. There is no narration so don’t try adjusting your volume.

Video on replacing JAK Super Brake pads