Eahora Azarias 750W Folding Electric Bike Review and Video

Eahora Azarias 750W Folding Ebike
Eahora Azarias 750W Full Suspension Folding Ebike

Eahora, originally known as E-ahora (Energy ahora), has been manufacturing electric bikes under this brand name since 2019. Eahora has produced various models of dual suspension folding electric bikes over the years with the standard in-frame battery. But what makes their new entries, the Eahora Azarias and Eahora Azaria (low-step model) so exciting is Eahora’s foray into creating a full suspension folding electric bike with a seat post battery.

While we have reviewed a number of folding electric bikes with seat post batteries such as the Fiido X, CARBO, Qualisports Dolphin, and Slinker Sidewinder, the Eahora Azaria is upping the speed and range in this segment by coupling a high powered seat post battery with a 750W rear hub motor.

Eahora Azarias 750W Folding Electric Bike: Frame and Battery

Eahora started by creating a lighter alloy folding frame version of their popular Eahora X7 full suspension folding e-bike, but with the ability to accommodate a diamond-ish shaped seat post battery. This frame design allows for minor modifications to produce a low-step model. Both models have the added bonus of a carrying handle built into the frame.

The seat post holds 48V lithium batteries with an incredible 18 Ah capacity and can provide enough power for 70+ miles of riding.

Eahora also went the extra mile by including a 3A charge that is 50% faster than the standard 2A chargers.

Eahora Azarias 750W Folding Electric Bike: Full Suspension and 3″ Tires

Folding electric bikes with suspension options has been in great demand as the e-bike rider’s needs have evolved over the years. Trails and off road e-biking can be hard on a rider’s body even with a bouncy suspension seat post and underinflated fat tires. Since the seat post in this ebike is now your battery the upgrade to a suspension seat post is no longer an option. Eahora took care of the rider’s suspension needs by equipping the Azarias with a front suspension fork with optional lock out and rear suspension with a HLT-100 rear shock absorber.

Eahora Azaria’s CST 20″ x 3″ tires are the ideal choice for this folding e-bike. Four-inch fat tires can be intimidating to some riders and when you are street riding they really stand out. While fat tires have dominated industry sales the last few years we really like the move towards 3-inch tires as a perfect compromise to both street and trail riders.

Eahora Azarias 750W Folding Electric Bike: Hub Motor and E-PAS

The Eahora Azarias is equipped with a 750W rear hub motor with E-PAS (read below). As stated, this rear hub motor that Eahora claims is whisper quiet is coupled with the 48V 18Ah batteries and is able to be unlocked to reach speeds of 28 m.p.h. So what if you’re no longer a Class 2 rider?

So what is E-PAS technology?

E-PAS is an acronym for Eahora Power Assist System. The Eahora team claims that E-PAS is a “patented technology” that when in use optimizes the motor and precise control of the controller to ultimately achieve high efficiency of the motor, and in turn can avoid excessive power loss. By avoiding excessive power loss the battery life can be extended, as well as, the cruising range of the electric bike.

Eahora Azarias 750W Folding Electric Bike: Cockpit and Gearing

The Eahora Azarias has your typical handlebar cockpit with a center mounted display that provides the standard information. The thumb throttle is located on the right hand side along with the gear shifter that controls the 7-speed Shimano gearing.

The brakes are mechanical with 160 mm rotors. This will provide sufficient braking but if you have the opportunity to upgrade to hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors you will greatly improve the stopping power for a 750W motor capable of 28 m.p.h.

Eahora Azarias 750W Folding Electric Bike: Weight and Fold

With the full set of features on the Eahora Azarias full suspension folder it amazingly weighs in at only 56 lbs. While we know this is not as light as a CARBO it also is not as heavy as your typical 65 plus pound folding fat tire e-bike.

For folding electric bikes, lighter is always better and at 56 lbs the Azarias will be slightly easier to move around and easier and pedal in higher gears.

Eahora Azarias Folding Electric Bike: Conclusion

The appeal of folding electric bikes with seat post batteries is that they tend to look more like regular folding bikes. While this is not necessarily the case with the Eahora Azarias this folding e-bike does an incredible job of blending specs from some of the top-selling folding electric bikes.

It’s as if the Eahora Team said,

“How do we fold together the seat post battery style of the Qualisports Dolphin with the power of a RadMini 4 at the price of a Lectric XP 2.0 price while including all accessories and full suspension.”

The Eahora Azarias folding electric bike checks every box right now for features, performance, portability, and price. We are excited to see how this folder competes in a marketplace dominated right now by some very large brands. And when it does sell well we look forward to seeing what they upgrade for version 2.0.

Eahora Azarias Folding Electric Bike: Pricing and Specs

The Eahora Azarias Full Suspension Folding Electric Bike is currently priced at just $1299 USD (with a pre-order price of $999 USD) and includes free shipping. The Eahora Azarias and low step model Azaria are both available for pre-order. The estimated ship date is mid-December.

The Eahora Azarias 750W folding e-bike comes 85% assembled. Eahora offers for all their e-bikes a 1-year all-inclusive warranty from manufacturing defects, 2 years on the frame, and 5 months from the date of purchase on accessories and hardware components.

The main features are as follows:

MOTOR 750W Brushless Hub Motor
BATTERY 48V 18AH / Lithium Battery with 3A charger
RANGE 45-55miles (E-bike) | 90-100miles (PAS)
PEDAL ASSIST 5 levels of PAS, Walk Assist and Cruise control
MAX SPEED 28 mph
DISPLAY M5 multi-function digital display
FRAME 18 inch aluminum alloy folding frame
FORK Spring Suspension with lock-out
BRAKES Aluminum brake levers, mechanical brakes with motor cutoff, 160mm rotors F/R
GEARS Shimano 7 Speed, 7-speed cassette
HANDLEBARS Low Rise, Aluminum Alloy
GRIPS Rubber grips
STEM Adjustable Height
RIMS 20-inch Mag rims
TIRES CST 20″ ×3″
PEDALS Wellgo metal folding pedals
LIGHTS/RACK Integrated 5V front headlight and rear headlight, Rear rack included
FENDERS included
WEIGHT 56 lbs
FOLDING SIZE 34″ x 15.5″ x 27.5″

Photos courtesy Eahora website