My Best Folding Bike Accessories for 2022

Every year cyclists try new accessories to make their ride safer, more comfortable, or enhance their folding bikes’ utility. While I am not like some gear junkies I do enjoy seeking out new items that […]

Tracking with Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags to Track Your Folding Bike

One of the great benefits of folding bikes is the ability to fold up your bike at a destination and carry it. While taking your folding bike with you is the ultimate “theft-proof” solution it […]


Why Add Bar Ends to Your Folding Bike?

When cyclists (mainly mountain bikers) speak about bar ends they act like these components are so 1990s. You know, no longer fashionable, a thing of the past. While MTB’ers have moved on since the advent […]

Retro Folding Bike Dual Leg Kickstand

7 Kickstand Options for Folding Bikes

When you think of a bicycle kickstand you rarely think of them for folding bikes. Mostly because you just fold up the bike and carry it with you? Well, that’s not always the case. Folding […]

Rotated Handlebars with Revelo THINStem

Rotating Handlebar Stems for Folding Bikes

Handlebar stems on most folding bikes with 16″ to 20″ wheels are usually long vertical stems designed to fold down the handlebars at the base of the stem. Once you enter the riding arena of […]


Best Bike Lights for Folding Bikes

Bikes are one of the least noticed vehicles on the streets today, especially at night. Reflectors are default safety accessories standard on every bicycle but they serve a single purpose – to reflect headlights from […]


Bike Helmets – From Basic to High Tech

Besides the obvious that bike helmets should protect your head in the event of a bike collision, helmets these days range in all types of styles from the basic, to fashionable, to the functional. Promise […]