Gyroor C2 Mini Folding E-Bike Has A Unique Design

Gyroor C2 Mini Folding Electric Bike
Gyroor C2 Mini Folding Electric Bike

From the first view, you immediately notice the Gyroor C2 folding electric bike’s unique design. The curved frame allows the rear wheel to sit nicely inside when folded. This mini folding e-bike just screams portability.

The Gyroor C2 is more of a cross between a JackRabbit in function and a Brompton when folded. These mini e-folders fulfill a limited niche in the world of micro-mobility and can almost be seen as scooters with seats.

What the Gyroor C2 provides is a quick compact fold with a hub motor powerful enough to achieve 15.5 miles per hour (their corporate video states 18 m.p.h.) and enough battery power to get you through your commuting day.

The riding position on mini folders is more upright than a normal folding e-bike but as stated these types of electric vehicles are not meant for hitting the trails.

Mini Folding E-Bike Comparison Chart

Since there is interest in this micro-mobility niche it is worth comparing the top 3 mini folding e-bikes.

SpecsGyroor C2JackRabbitJetson Bolt Up
MOTOR450W Rear Hub Motor300W Rear Hub Motor350W Rear Hub Motor
BATTERY36V 10AH Lithium36V 4.2AH Lithium36V 6AH Lithium
MAX SPEED15.5 m.p.h.20 m.p.h.15.5 m.p.h.
WHEEL SIZE14 inch20 inch14 inch
WEIGHT47 lbs24 lbs41 lbs
Mini Folding E-Bike Comparison Chart
Gyroor C2 Folded

Gyroor C2 Mini Folding Electric Bike: Conclusion

The Gyroor C2 is really geared towards an urban commuter. This micro-mobility niche offers a number of affordable options. With smaller handlebars and a shorter frame, these e-bikes tend to ride like seated scooters but are very portable. They are not the lightest of electric bikes so keep that in mind. The Gyroor C2 does have rollers below the foot pads for ease of movement in the fully or partially folded positions.

Gyroor C2 Mini Folding Electric Bike: Pricing and Specs

The Gyroor C2 mini folding e-bike is currently priced at just $599 USD.

The main features are as follows:

Motor: 450W Brushless Hub Motor
Seat Post Battery: 36V 10AH Lithium cell
Max Speed: 15.5 m.p.h.
Range: 25+ miles
Display: LCD
Pedal Assist: Low, Medium, and High-speed settings
Brakes: Disc and EABS brake system
Handlebar: Foldable
Tires: 14″ air-filled
Seat Height: 29.125 inches
Kickstand: Alloy
Pedals: Foot pads with rollers beneath
Light: LED headlights on the front and rear
Weight: 47 lbs

Gyroor C2 foldable 14-inch wheel electric bike

Photos Courtesy Gyroor