Heybike Ranger is the Perfect Folding E-Bike for Golf

Heybike Ranger Golfing
Courtesy GolfEbike

We started a review about the Heybike Ranger folding e-bike but as we were writing we came across a subculture of riders through a testimonial video that are using these step-through e-bikes in place of carts on the golf course. Heybike has stumbled upon a riding niche that is unique and sounds incredibly fun!

Steve Divnick is an avid golf e-biker who developed the golf bag carrier that attaches to the Heybike Ranger. This is what he has to say about golfing and the use of e-bikes:

“Playing golf on an ebike puts a smile on your face that doesn’t go away until you are done playing. It is fun, fast, safe, and turf-friendly. With pedal assist, I can get as much exercise as I want…or just use the throttle and ride it like a scooter. Golf and Ebikes are a perfect match!”

Steve Divnick – Divnick International

Steve operates GolfEbikes.com which sells the Heybike Ranger and the golf bag carrier attachment. The site also maintains a list of golf courses that allow e-bikes and a liability disclaimer form for golf courses.

DivinckGolf Bag Carrier

The DivinckGolf Bag Carrier has an MSRP of $249 and is designed to fit on all rear e-bike racks including the Heybike Ranger’s heavy-duty rear rack. This golf bag carrier easily swings out acting as the kickstand when stopping to rest your Heybike Ranger to grab a golf club. With the golf bag carrier design being “pin, bolt, and lever free” it can be attached or removed from the rear rack in 3 seconds. It is a very well thought out folding e-bike accessory that can carry all styles of golf bags. We highly recommend the optional mud flap fender extenders.

Heybike Ranger: E-bike, Golf, and Health Benefits

Since Steve continues to promote this “perfect match” we thought we would go a step further and include an adaptation of one of his videos on the Heybike Ranger from a golfer’s perspective.

Adapted from Steve Divnick – GolfEbikes

The Heybike Ranger folding e-bike comes with intelligent pedal assist which adds as much motor power as you want. It can be a little bit if you want just a little bit of exercise or you can put a lot of power into it if you want to ride. You don’t have to pedal it if you don’t want to. The Heybike Ranger can be all throttle if that’s what you want.

E-bikes speed up the game a lot compared to riding in a cart. With an e-bike, you can ride straight to your shot, pick out your club, and take your shot. If you’re riding in a cart you have to wait for your cart mate to get to their ball, line up their shot, figure out what club they want, pull their club out, take a few practice swings, then they hit their shot, then they come back and wipe their club off, they put it in the bag, then they come back and sit down and you’ve not been able to line your shot up or play your ball. With the e-bike, you’re already at your ball ready to hit as soon as they’re finished. It’s much faster and speeds up the game. Now we’re not advocating rushing the game because golf is a game to be enjoyed. We’re only advocating removing the wait time (the sit time) when there’s just nothing to do except watch someone else play golf.

The health benefits of an e-bike are fantastic, especially for people my age. I’ve always liked to walk to get exercise but as I’ve gotten older that’s harder on my joints and muscles. With the Heybike Ranger, I’ve got smooth rotational motion and I can get as much exercise as I want, and it helps me play more often. For instance, I can play more times per week, I can play more times per year and hopefully, my health will be good and I can play golf for many more years.

Every golf course has hundreds of golfers my age. When you multiply more rounds per week, more rounds per year, this is great for the golf industry. E-bikes are also great for the younger generation that is not playing golf now. The use of an e-bike speeds up the game and they would be more willing to come because it takes less time to play thereby adding revenue to golf courses.

E-bikes are very popular for other things. People are leaving their cars in the garage and riding them to work, riding them to school, can go on family rides, you can even go to the market to get a gallon of milk at 20 miles per hour if you want. So folding e-bikes are very versatile. If you get a folding e-bike you don’t have to use it only for golf. If you don’t have an e-bike we have the best folding e-bike in the market for golf, the Heybike Ranger. This folding e-bike has all nine essentials for golf:

  • Low Step Thru
  • Puncture-resistant 4-inch fat tires
  • Pedal Assist
  • Heavy Duty Flat Rack
  • Power Hub Motor
  • Strong Battery with USB port
  • Full fenders
  • 7 Speeds
  • Front suspension fork

With an e-bike you can combine two of your favorite things golf and e-biking – so let’s ride!

Heybike Ranger: Feature Overview

Photos Courtesy Heybike

Besides the use for golf, the Heybike Ranger step through folding e-bike is equipped with features that are normally found on more expensive folding e-bikes such as larger brake rotors, a larger battery, suspension fork, suspension seat post, lights, and fenders.

The Heybike Ranger is a Class 3 e-bike so it is capable of exceeding 20 m.p.h. Make sure you are aware of your local e-bike laws.

The Heybike Ranger folds for easy transport and the fat tires are great for trail riding (and golf courses).

Heybike Ranger Folding E-Bike: Pricing and Specs

The Heybike Ranger Step Through folding fat tire electric bike is currently priced at $1,399 and includes free shipping.

The Heybike Ranger folding e-bike comes mostly assembled. Tools are provided to install the typical front fat tire, front fender, handlebar stem, seat post, and folding pedals.

Heybike offers a 30-Day Money Back Undamaged / Unused Return policy and a 1-year all-inclusive (non-transferrable) warranty from manufacturing defects from the date of purchase on accessories and hardware components. Please review all warranties before purchasing.

The main features are as follows:

MOTOR 500W Brushless gear motor
BATTERY 48V 15Ah Lithium battery
RANGE Up to 55+ miles
PEDAL ASSIST Intelligent 3-level PAS
MAX SPEED 25 mph – Class 3
DISPLAY LCD display with Charging Port
THROTTLE Thumb Throttle
FRAME 6061 Aluminum alloy folding frame
FORK Front suspension fork
BRAKES Front/Rear Mechanical Disc brakes with 180mm rotors and motor cut off
GEARS Shimano 7-speed with thumb shifter
HANDLEBARS Low Rise, Aluminum Alloy
STEM Adjustable Height
TIRES 20″ × 4″ Fat Tires with Mag Rims
PEDALS Aluminum Folding
SADDLE Saddle with suspension seat post
SEAT POST Quick Release
LIGHTS Front and Rear Lights
FENDERS/REAR RACK Included plus bottle holder
WEIGHT 71.5 lbs
FOLDING SIZE 39.4 x 23.6 x 31.5 inches