Heybike Tyson Folding E-Bike Hits 28 MPH Plus 4G

Heybike Tyson Folding E-Bike with 4G
Heybike Tyson Folding E-Bike with 4G

When it comes to folding e-bikes, finding the perfect balance between power, portability, and affordability can be quite challenging. But look no further, as the Heybike Tyson folding electric bike seems to check almost all of the right boxes. What made this folding e-bike so interesting that it was awarded BEST OF CES 2023 by Green Authority?

The Heybike Tyson is designed for versatility, conquering both city streets and off-road trails with ease, thanks to its powerful 750W geared hub motor. With Class 3 speeds of up to 28 mph and a high-capacity battery, you’ll find yourself effortlessly navigating a range of terrains.

Beyond performance, comfort has not been overlooked. The Tyson’s dual suspension system and fat tires ensure a smooth and comfortable riding experience, which means no more jarring rides on bumpy roads. So, if you’re looking for a capable, efficient, and comfortable folding fat tire e-bike, at a reasonable price the Heybike Tyson might just be your winner.

Heybike Tyson: Key Features

Unibody Design

Heybike Tyson’s Unibody Magnesium Frame

The Heybike Tyson features a unique folding unibody design made of magnesium alloy, which not only makes it visually appealing but also adds strength to the frame. No need to worry about the frame breaking at the weld joints.

However, be mindful that while the frame design is unique the Tyson still weighs around 77 pounds, which may make it challenging to lift when folded.

Powerful Motor

The Heybike Tyson is equipped with a 750W geared hub motor, which provides generous power for various terrains. The substantial power of the motor enables you to tackle city roads and off-road trails with ease.

The Tyson is capable of reaching speeds of up to 28mph. While the Tyson can be locked down to 20 mph it is considered a Class 3 e-bike so make sure you know your local laws as some states have various riding restrictions.

Long Battery Life

With a 48V 15Ah removable battery, Heybike Tyson offers an impressive range. You can travel up to 55 miles with pedal assist on a single charge. This long battery life ensures that you can go on extended rides without worrying about running out of power. The average charging time for the battery is 4-5 hours.

Dual Suspension

The Tyson is a folding e-bike that offers both front and rear suspension, delivering a smoother and more comfortable ride across different terrains. The dual suspension system helps in absorbing shocks and vibrations, providing increased stability during your rides.

Heybike Tyson Dual Suspension

The front fork is hydraulic and can be adjusted up to full lockout. The rear suspension is a shock absorber that is more comfortable than a suspension seat post.

Smooth and Safe Braking

The Heybike Tyson has hydraulic disc brakes for better stopping power. Hydraulic brakes do require more maintenance but braking is easier on the hands which is worth it if you plan on riding long distances.

4G for Anti-Theft

What is truly innovative on the Heybike Tyson is the addition of 4G which allows the Tyson to communicate via Bluetooth with your phone (need to download the Heybike app). The anti-theft feature acts by sending an alert if your e-bike is being moved or you can lock your Tyson remotely.

Heybike Tyson Handlebar View

The Tyson’s LCD display also provides the typical riding information including the ability to modify your pedal assist settings, which is a cool feature.

Heybike is providing the first year of 4G service for free but after that, there is an annual fee.

Compact When Folded

One of the most significant advantages of a folding e-bike is its ability to fold down to a compact size. For the Heybike Tyson, the one downside is it weighs 77 pounds, which could make it challenging to lift and carry. But don’t let that deter you from considering this impressive e-bike for your daily commute or leisurely rides.

Heybike Tyson Folded

Nevertheless, it’s still relatively manageable, and the benefits of a folding e-bike often outweigh the need to purchase an industrial-strength bike rack.

Environmentally Friendly Transportation

Choosing the Heybike Tyson folding e-bike is a great step towards adopting a more sustainable mode of transportation which seems to be all the buzz these days. By using this e-bike, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, as it relies on an electric motor instead of fossil fuels.

The 750W motor offers enough power to make your daily commutes and leisure rides enjoyable, without contributing to air pollution. Its 48V 15Ah battery provides a max range of 55 miles, ensuring that you can cover most of your daily errands on a single charge. Plus, it only takes 4-5 hours to fully recharge the battery, making it a time-efficient option as well.

Heybike Tyson: Conclusion

The Heybike Tyson is designed for versatility for both city streets and off-road trails thanks to its powerful 750W geared hub motor. With speeds of up to 28 mph and a high-capacity battery, you’ll find yourself effortlessly navigating a range of terrains.

The ability to personalize the PAS settings is one of the best features we have seen lately.

The 4G is an innovative feature and it will be interesting to see how the market responds to it, especially when it’s time to pay.

For us, the Heybike Tyson folding fat tire e-bike checks every box from dual suspension to auto-on lights except one which is weight, however, it is on par with most of its competitors in this category.

If you’re looking for a capable, efficient, affordable, and comfortable folding e-bike, the Heybike Tyson might be worth considering.

Heybike Tyson Folding Electric Bike: Pricing and Specs

The Heybike Tyson folding fat tire e-bike is currently priced at just $1,699 USD. Heybike warranty offers a 30-Day money-back refund provided the Tyson is returned undamaged and unused. If you keep your e-bike Heybike covered the bike and battery are covered for 1 year.

There are currently three colors available – Obsidian, Fern Green, and Navy Blue.

The main features are as follows:

Frame: Magnesium alloy
Motor: 750W Brushless Hub Motor
Seat Post Battery: 48V 15AH Lithium cell
Max Speed: 28 m.p.h. (Class 3)
Throttle: Thumb throttle
Range: 55+ miles
Display: LCD with 4G Mobile App Sync (free for 1st year)
Pedal Assist: 5 Levels
Gears: Shimano 7-speeds
Brakes: Hydraulic dual-disc brakes with motor cut off
Handlebar: Foldable
Tires: 20 x 4 inch on Mag rims
Suspension: Hydraulic suspension front fork and Rear suspension
Kickstand: Alloy
Pedals: Foldable
Light: Auto-On LED headlight on the front
Rear Rack: Included
Folded Dimensions: 38.2 x 24.4 x 36.2 in.
Weight: 77 lbs

This is a fun video by Ginger on Wheels. Not an in-depth view, but some great footage of him riding around Vegas and enjoying himself on the Heybike Tyson. This could be you!

Ginger on Wheels riding the Heybike Tyson