How Does the Lectric XPremium Compare?

Lectric eBikes XPremium with Comfort Package
Lectric eBikes XPremium with Comfort Package

The garage band was back at it last Friday making more Lectric announcements. This time instead of unveiling a less expensive Lectric XP LITE to their fans they went the other way to a more expensive, mid-drive, dual-battery folding electric bike. We were just as amazed at the Lectric XPremium announcement as were all the cheering groupies in the garage.

With the never-ending pressures to innovate in the folding electric bike category, thanks to companies like Rad Power, it seems that Lectric eBikes realizes that in order to continue to grow they need to expand their rider base with more than just step-thru models or front suspension forks.

This pivotal addition (XPremium) will allow you tackle any hill and ride further and more comfortably than ever before.Brent Conlow, Lectric eBikes

Lectric XPremium is all about the upgrades

Frame and Fork

We need to start with the XPremium folding frame as this is a major change on this vehicle. This frame needed to be designed to accommodate not only dual batteries but a mid-drive motor. Lectric XPremium is a full 7 inches longer to support these new spec additions.

While the second battery is situated behind the seat post tube the most noticeable modification is the main battery is now integrated into the top of the downtube. This is a first as the other two Lectric folding e-bikes have the battery housed inside the folding frame.

It should be obvious that as you add length to the frame and an additional battery you will also be adding weight. The Lectric XPremium definitely tips the upper end of the e-bike scale at 75 pounds. In comparison (more in the chart below) the Lectric XP Step-Thru 2.0 is now a mere 64 pounds.

The XPremium, like the XP 2.0 series, is also equipped with a front oil suspension fork. This suspension fork, however, provides 80mm of travel versus the 40mm of travel on the XP 2.0.

Mid-Drive Motor, Gears, and Batteries

This is where it gets interesting for Lectric XPremium. Lectric is now entering the mid-drive motor segment with a torque sensor. Mid-drive motors are a completely different e-bike riding animal which we fully discussed in our Hub Drive versus Mid Drive Differences post. While mid-drive motors provide more torque benefits and offer a more true pedaling experience (the harder you pedal the harder the motor works) a rider needs to be more conscientious in how they ride.

The mid-drive motor itself is 500W with 800W of peak power. As mentioned this motor utilizes a dynamic torque sensor to keep pedaling smooth and responsive. This mid-drive motor, whether via pedal assist (5 levels) or twist throttle, provides the max speed capability of 28 m.p.h. which allows the XPremium to become a Class 3 e-bike.

Bicyclists do learn the nuances of mid-drive motors after a few rides such as not changing gears while throttling (there is a shift sensor), lowering the gears when coming to stop, and not riding in the highest gear all the time. The less strain on a mid-drive the lesser the chance of snapping a chain.

Two Lithium Ion 48v 10.4ah batteries come stock on the folding bike. The XPremium states that a battery isolator dual drains the batteries at the same time which maximizes range and power. Overall this battery system is designed to provide up to 100+ miles of juice before requiring a charge.

The XPremium operates with a 7 speed drivetrain which has almost become the standard in the e-bike industry. If you are more into pedal-assist then you will have no problem finding a comfortable bicycling gear.

XPremium Folded

Wheels, Brakes, and Handlebars

The Lectric XPremium goes back to the roots of the original 4-inch wide fat tire Lectric XP. The Lectric lineup now covers all fat tire widths from 2.4 to 4 inches. This is the ideal fat tire width for a folding e-bike with this power and range capabilities.

A new upgraded spec to the Lectric e-bike family is the use of hydraulic brakes. The Lectric XPremium is utilizing 160mm rotor hydraulic brakes with motor cutoffs. Given the Class 3 speed of the XPremium the hydraulic brakes are the perfect accompaniment to slow this e-bike down without the hand strain on long rides.

Lastly, like the XP 2.0, the Lectric XPremium is using their low rise 25″ handlebars. This additional length provides better steering capabilities while also providing space for any handlebar accessories you may wish to add. Oh, and did we mention faux leather grips…

How does Lectric XPremium Compare to Lectric XP Step-Thru 2.0

SpecsLectric XPremiumLectric XP Step-Thru 2.0
MOTOR500W (800W peak) Mid-Drive500W (850W+ peak) Hub Motor
BATTERY2 – 48V 10.4ah48V 9.6ah
RANGE100+ MilesUp to 45 Miles
GEARS7 Speeds7 Speeds
FORKSuspension – 80mm travelSuspension – 40mm travel
BRAKES160mm Hydraulic Disc160mm Mechanical Disc
TIRES20″ x 4″20″ x 3″
WEIGHT75 lbs64 lbs
FOLDED DIM40″ x 22″ x 32″37″ x 18″ x 27″
UNFOLDED DIM74″ x 25″ x 48″67″ x 25″ x 47″
PRICE$1,799 USD$999 USD
Lectric eBikes XPremium vs Xp Step-Thur 2.0 Comparison Chart

Lectric XPremium Conclusion

Did we cover everything? We hope so! The XPremium is a completely different folding e-bike for Lectric from front to back. This bike is longer, heavier, rides farther (thanks to dual batteries), and is more expensive than the other two Lectrics, but again Lectric created the XPremium for a completely different caliber of rider.

The Lectric eBikes XPremium tried to check every box in rolling out their first mid-drive motor folding e-bike. While rear hub motors still make up the bulk of the electric bike marketplace, Lectric is trying to capture a segment that is starting to grow, namely mid-drive fat tire e-bikes. And they are trying to do this with a fully spec’d folding e-bike that has Class 3 capabilities, twice the range, and at half the price. The XPremium should appeal to a full spectrum of trail adventurers to city delivery riders.

We will see how this segment grows, but if you do order make sure you check the box for the free tire Slime!

Lectric XPremium Folding Electric Bike: Pricing and Specs

The Lectric eBikes XPremium folding e-bike is currently priced at just $1,799 USD and includes integrated lights, rear rack, fenders, and free shipping.

The Lectric XPremium comes fully assembled which is amazing (no assembly video needed). Lectric eBikes offers all their folding e-bikes a 1-year hassle-free warranty and great customer service.

The main features are as follows:

MOTOR 500W (800W peak) Mid-Drive Motor
BATTERY Two Lithium Ion 48V 10.4ah
RANGE 100+ miles
PEDAL ASSIST 5 levels of PAS, Torque sensor
MAX SPEED 28 mph (Class 2 and 3)
DISPLAY Backlit LCD. IP-65 rated electrical components
FRAME 6061 Aluminum alloy folding frame
FORK Suspension with 80mm of travel
BRAKES Front/Rear Hydraulic Disc brakes with 160mm rotors and motor cut off
GEARS 7-speed
HANDLEBARS Low Rise, 630mm
STEM Adjustable Height
TIRES 20″ × 4″
PEDALS Folding
LIGHTS/RACK Integrated Front and Rear lights. Rear rack
FENDERS Included
WEIGHT 75 lbs
FOLDING SIZE 40″ L x 22″ H x 32″ W

Photos Courtesy Lectric eBikes