Meet Chris and Her Favorite Brompton Upgrades

Adapted from YouTube – Chris by Bike

Look what just arrived, it’s two Easy Wheels and a new rear suspension block. I always wanted to have one of those so I hope it fits. I’ll try to put it on later. I hope it fits because it’s beautiful to look at it. It’s so neat!

Today I want to show all my Brompton folding bike upgrades. I’ve got several upgrades for my Brompton, they’re well worth it, and best of all I love them.

Brompton Upgrade: Bicycle Seat

The first Brompton upgrade is my bike seat. The regular seat that comes with the Brompton has the Brompton logo. It’s a very good seat and it has grooves underneath the front part of the seat so you can carry your Brompton, but I really like the Brooks.

Brooks B17 Carve Bike Seat on Brompton

The Brooks is so cool and it’s funny because it sounds hard (when you knock on it) but it’s actually soft, very soft. The Brooks is made of rubber so if it rains there’s no problem at all. This Brooks in particular is the B17 Carve which is the wide one for girls. I really like it and if you ride on it all day long you don’t feel anything. It’s very good.

Brompton Upgrade: Easy Wheel Extender and Rear Rollers

Another Brompton upgrade that I’ve done is put on the Easy Wheel Telescopic Rod by Litepro. The wheel can be extended out to be made wider so when you fold your Brompton it’s easier to roll. The extension of the telescopic rod supports the full width of a folded Brompton. The original wheels on the Brompton do not extend at all and it makes it harder to roll and therefore easier to tip over in the folded position.

Easy Wheel Extender on Brompton

The rear roller wheels also make some noise as they get worn down over time. After replacing them but I will keep the original wheels as spare parts just in case. It’s always important to have spare parts when touring with a Brompton as anything can happen while traveling.

Brompton Upgrade: Rear Suspension Block and Rear Rack

The FIRM rear suspension block on Brompton is being upgraded to the Litepro Spring Suspension block. It is an easy modification and will provide better suspension on bumps plus I really like the look of this new suspension block.

Comparison of Brompton Rear Suspension Blocks

I also chose to upgrade my Brompton rear rack to a nicer aluminum rear rack. I didn’t purchase a titanium rear rack because it was a bit more expensive and the weight is about the same.

Upgraded Rear Rack on Brompton

Brompton Upgrade: Front Sprocket

The Brompton comes with a 50 Tooth front sprocket but I changed it for the 44 Teeth front sprocket. How does this help me? This new gearing helps me go uphill easier especially when I am carrying a lot of luggage. When we’re traveling, or bike touring, we carry at least 30 pounds of additional weight. This extra weight requires lower gearing to help you go up hills or to ride for longer periods of time.

Upgraded Brompton Front Sprocket to 44T

Brompton Upgrade: Handlebar Grips and Bells

One upgrade I did to the handlebars was to change the handlebar grips. The Ergon grips with mini bar ends let your hands rest in varying positions while you’re riding. These are very comfortable and they make a big difference when riding.

Upgraded Ergon Grips with Mini Ends and Dual Bells

I added an extra bell beside the stock Brompton bell. The bells have different ringtones with the new one having a higher ring which helps when times people are not paying attention. Sometimes you’re riding and just the sound of the gears gets you noticed and people move for you to pass, but other times pedestrians are talking or listening to headphones and you need a higher bell tone. Or sometimes you just have to yell “hey please please get out the way.” And then of course I say “thank you.”

Brompton Upgrade: Front Block and Kickstand

On the front of my Brompton, I upgraded the front block and it looks very nice. Not only is it nice to look at but it is also very light. I had some problems at the beginning of my bike trip in Germany but a guy changed the screws and then it stopped moving and is now much stronger.

Upgraded Front Block on Brompton

I added a kickstand to my Brompton as well. When you stop sometimes you just want your Brompton to stand on its own for a few seconds or if you would like your Brompton upright just to take a picture.

I also plan on changing out my Brompton seat post as it is starting to rust. It’s on order.

Editor’s Note: After the 7-minute mark in the video below Chris proceeds to replace the wheels and the rear suspension block.

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Photos Courtesy: ChrisbyBike