Ossby GEO Folding eBike is Plant Based

Kickstarter is used by many companies with bike concepts as a way to raise funds and “kickstart” initial interest. Ossby, based in Madrid, Spain is a manufacturer dedicated to the folding bike industry with more than 11 years of experience. As of this writing, their Ossby GEO has raised $68,000 from 70 backers.

The Ossby GEO is a completely redesigned electric folding bike version of their flagship Ossby Curve Electric with one major feature – the frame is made from plant resins and high-tech composite fibers. The new frame composite will be a light, sustainable, and more resistant material than aluminum.

Ossby GEO Specs

The Curve Electric at first glance reminds you a little of a Strida but with a touch more stylish flare. The design allows this bike to fold in one second.

Ossby Curve Electric

As you see below Ossby GEO’s new frame design is more square than curved. The folding mechanism on the lower bar is still the same which basically folds up and pulls both wheels together (handlebars and pedals also fold). This doesn’t make for the world’s smallest folded bike but it does create a “quick carry mode” package.

There is a lot more than meets the eye in this design such as a carbon fiber fork, integrated headlights with a “stop sensor” in the rear light, a hidden battery that provides 30 miles of pedal assist range, a 250W Keyde hub motor (Europe limited to 25km/h), and an Ossby phone app that is the main control station which connects via Bluetooth.

Ossby GEO Tires

What immediately stands out are the two different tire sizes. This can almost make this e-bike appear “circus-like” at first glance. The two tire sizes are 14″ front and 16″ rear which is an upgrade from their Curve Electric which sported 12″ front and 14″ rear tires.

The upgrade in wheel sizes is a plus for better handling although a 14″ front tire may get bounced around on bumpy roads requiring firm control of the handlebars.

Ossby GEO Conclusion

Obviously, Ossby has had a fair amount of feedback on their current Curve lineup for this fully re-designed folding e-bike that stays near to the Curve’s original folding concept. And the GEO weighs 24 lbs which is five pounds less than the Curve Electric.

What is to be applauded are the materials (vegetable resin and composite fibers) that will be used in this new folding e-bike frame. We always like to see new avenues explored versus just a simple upgrade like hydraulic brakes. This is why Ossby is touting their GEO as “The most SUSTAINABLE urban mobility solution.”

This frame is no small feat as the Ossby GEO was developed in collaboration with a Spanish product design agency.

If you like the simplicity of the Strida then the Ossby GEO may be just the folding e-bike you have been waiting for.

Ossby GEO Folding Electric Bike: Pricing and Specs

The Ossby GEO folding e-bike is currently priced at just $1,995 USD with presale pricing available on their Kickstarter campaign.

The main features are as follows:

Frame: Custom Composite
Fork: Carbon Fiber
Motor: 250W Brushless Bluetooth Keyde Motor
Seat Post Battery: 36V 7AH Lithium cell.
Range: 30+ miles
Display: Ossby App connected via Bluetooth
Pedal Assist: 5 levels of pedal assistance
Throttle: None
Brakes: Hydraulic Brakes (no motor cut-off)
Gearing: 53T Front sprocket, 5-speed gearing
Handlebar: Foldable
Tires: 14″ front / 16″ rear
Saddle: Ergonomic Comfort
Seatpost Clamp: Quick release
Kickstand: Alloy
Pedals: Folding
Light: Integrated front and rear (stopping sensor)
Folding Time: One second
Weight: 24 lbs

Photos Courtesy Ossby