My Best Folding Bike Accessories for 2022

Every year cyclists try new accessories to make their ride safer, more comfortable, or enhance their folding bikes’ utility. While I am not like some gear junkies I do enjoy seeking out new items that solve my biking issues.

Listed below are my best folding bike accessories of this year. You may also be surprised by the folding e-bike accessory at the very end of this article.

Best Folding Bike Accessories

Ergon ST Core E-Bike Saddle

Ergon ST Core Saddle

As Folding Wheels readers are well aware I fully enjoy our Qualisports Dolphin folding e-bike. With that being said it can be a stiff ride at times. While it is on the lighter side of folding e-bikes it does not have a front suspension fork or the ability to add a suspension seat post.

Trying to find a seat-dampening solution we could not break down and purchase a seat shock absorber. It just looked like we would be bouncing up and down even when there were no bumps.

Thankfully Ergon (yes the grip manufacturer) was getting into the saddle game and created the Ergon ST Core series saddles specifically for e-bikes. While I still can’t tell my wife what I paid for this bike seat I can say that it has done wonders for my bum.

I highly recommend the Ergon ST Core series which is available in two sizes for all e-bike riders.

RevGrips Pro Series for the Handlebars

RevGrips RG5
RevGrips Pro Series

To soften the ride on our hands and arms I tested out the RevGrips Pro Series and they worked like a charm. Unlike other ergonomic grips, the RevGrips have a hollow inside so there is no contact with the handlebars thereby not requiring the grip itself to absorb any shock.

While skeptical at first and after watching a few not-necessarily raving reviews I still bought them based upon the concept. They take a few extra minutes to install and I needed to reposition some components on the handlebars but they worked.

The RevGrips do not come in an ergonomic style (which we enjoy) but the softening of the ride on both my hands and arms with these barrel-style grips is a fair tradeoff in my book.

ElastoKASE Phone Mount

ElastoKASE by Bikase

Yes, I know there are a million types of phone mounts for bikes ranging from $15 – $100. I have experimented with a few brands such as the SP Connect system (which we do not recommend) to the lower-budget Nite Ize Wraptor which works just fine.

I stumbled across a phone mount in my local bike shop called ElastoKASE by Bikase. It’s a very simple phone mount solution that is easy to install and simple to use. It holds the phone securely although the elastic can get in the way of the screen towards the bottom, but hey nothing is perfect.

The ElastoKASE also offers an extender bracket if you like the phone a little further in front of you or if the real estate on your handlebars is limited.

LitePro Double Kickstand

Litepro Double Kickstand

There are numerous kickstand options for folding bikes. Some kickstands act more as props while other cheap kickstands are not very stable.

Due to the unstable feel of the side kickstand on my Downtube XFS I decided to swap it out for a Litepro Double Kickstand and glad I did! It’s like supporting your folding bike on a mini stand and is extremely stable. I purchased this directly from Litepro which specializes in folding bike accessories for Bromptons and Brompnots.

Divinck Golf Bag Carrier

DivinckGolf Bag Carrier
DivinckGolf Bag Carrier

Lastly, this is my favorite folding e-bike accessory find for the year. The DivinckGolf Bag Carrier by I don’t own this accessory, but truly love the utility of it and the thought of golfing while riding a folding e-bike.

If you have not seen the video with Clifford and his amazing rehabilitation with this golfing accessory it is worth the watch.

That’s it for now! Until next year…