Repairing Your E-Bike’s Rear Flat Tire with Hub Motor [VIDEO]

It’s a beautiful day outside and you want to take a spin on your folding e-bike. Unfortunately, when you grab your e-bike you notice a flat tire. Ugh! And it’s the rear tire with the hub motor.

Stressed? Never changed a flat tire on an e-bike before? Relax, it’s not that difficult.

Two Methods to Changing A Flat Tire

To start, we highly recommend the use of the Original Handlebar Jack V2. We have used this tool numerous times and it just as touts – keeps your e-bike handlebar cockpit damage free when working on your e-bike.

Original Handlebar Jack in action!

If you don’t own the Handlebar Jacks then try to find an item, such as a towel, to elevate the handlebars and avoid damaging the LED screen.

Once you have your e-bike flipped over there are two methods of tire repair. The first method is to pull back the tire, find the inner tube leak and patch it without removing the entire rear assembly. This method is easier if you can quickly locate the leak. If you cannot locate the leak then the second method (and more preferable) is to fully remove the rim and tire and replace the inner tube. This is what we will cover next.

Simple Steps to Removing Rear Tire with Hub Motor

Quick word of caution before you begin to be careful of the brake rotor as it can be quite sharp.

  1. Flip over the e-bike and elevate the handlebars (have e-bike in 1st gear)
  2. Disconnect the rear hub motor connector
  3. Cut nylon zip tie holding connector wire to the frame
  4. Loosen bolts on either side of the rim
  5. Pull the rim off
  6. Remove the tire using tire levers (if necessary)
  7. Check tire for foreign objects
  8. Put on a new inner tube and replace tire
  9. Fully inflate the inner tube (make sure no leaking)
  10. Put the tire back on, chain back on 1st gear, and tighten bolts
  11. Re-connect hub motor connector wire and zip tie back to frame

When all steps are done check that the wheel spins freely (and straight) before turning over your e-bike. Good job!