Similar Options to Qualisports Nemo Folding Electric Bike

Qualisports Nemo 16 Inch E-Bike

Qualisports, as mentioned in our Dophin folding electronic bike review, is a direct-to-consumer folding e-bike company that has also been working on expanding a dealer network throughout the United States. Qualisports uses creative fish names for their corporate brand and provides manufacturing for other companies that wish to “private label” similar options to their flagship e-bike models.

Qualisports Nemo Overview

The Qualisports Nemo is a 16-inch commuter/city traveler designed electric bike that fits well in the micro-mobility category to solve that “last mile” issue, but for much less than an electric Brompton. The Nemo, like the fish name implies, is the smallest of the Qualisports models. As with all Qualisports folding e-bikes, the Nemo is powered by a seat post battery which makes it hard to distinguish it from a regular, non-motorized folding bike. The Qualisport Nemo is light, weighing in at 30 lbs, easy to fold, and provides just enough oomph to get around town.

The Qualisports Nemo is equipped with a 250W front-wheel motor which has a top speed of 16-18 m.p.h. While we are not a fan of adding the additional motor weight on the front end of an e-bike it is certainly not uncommon, especially with e-bike conversion kits. The feel of the ride is a little different in that you are getting more pulled as opposed to pushed from a hub motor. The rider also needs to be careful with curbs in that there is now additional weight to lift on the front end.

Courtesy Qualisports

The Qualisports Nemo, as with many 16-inch folding e-bikes, is a single speed. There is a 52T front sprocket coupled with a 14T flywheel. While the Nemo has 5 levels of pedal-assist, throttle, and a walk-assist mode this gearing will probably not get you much faster than full throttle.

The Qualisports Nemo again weighs just 30 lbs and with a 36V 7Ah battery should give a rider enough juice for 20-30 miles. The wheelbase is just 36.5 inches, so although it can accommodate a taller rider with the adjustable handlebars it is definitely a more upright ride. Overall, the Qualisports Nemo is a well designed, full featured, commuter style e-bike with a compact fold (29.30 x 15.75 x 25.20 inches) that can easily be carried into an office, on a train, or a boat.

So now that you have a complete overview of the Qualisports Nemo what are the similar options?

Qualisports BS3 Electric Folding Bike

What we have enjoyed most is seeing the different options that Qualisports has created with the same base folding frame design and seat post battery. The Qualisports BS3 incorporates fun new color options (sky blue, jet black, gloss yellow, and fire red) and a 250W hub motor. All the rest of the specs from single speed, 160mm disc brakes, 12 point speed sensor, and battery size remain the same but for $100 less. If you are in this 16 inch wheel market the rear hub version should be a consideration.

Slinker Lindie Mini Electric Folding E-Bike

Courtesy Slinker

The Slinker Lindie Mini really caught our eye. This 16-inch folding e-bike really added some upgraded features that for the extra $100 over a Qualisports Nemo is worth every penny. Slinker Lindie Mini has a larger battery to handle the upgraded 350W rear hub motor. This setup should easily be able to get you closer to 20 m.p.h. The Lindie Mini also has 4 speeds (11/13/15/18T) to give your riding experience more options and comes equipped with a front integrated headlight and rear battery operated headlight, fenders, and a rear rack.

Qualisports Nemo, Qualisports BS3 and Lindie Mini Comparison Chart

This comparison chart provides an overview of all three 16″ wheel electric bikes.

SpecsQualisports NemoQualisports BS3Lindie Mini
Motor250W Front250W Rear350W Rear
Battery36V 7Ah36V 7Ah36v 10.5Ah
GearsNoNo4 Gears
Tires Kenda 16 x 2.125Kenda 16 x 2.125CST 16 x 2.125
Brakes160mm Disc160mm Disc160mm Disc
Fenders/Rear RackExtraExtraIncluded

We hope you find the right e-bike solution for your last-mile needs.