Passenger Ready Lectric eBikes XP 3.0
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Lectric eBikes XP 3.0 is Passenger Ready

It didn’t take long for Lectric eBikes to continue with major product announcements for 2022. This year has been busy for Lectric. Launching an upgraded XP to an XP 2.0, a belt drive lightweight XP […]

Golfing with Heybike Ranger
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Golfing with a Folding E-Bike [VIDEO]

Golfing with a step-through folding e-bike is not a riding use we would have come up with for an electric bike but Clifford Woolfork is doing just that. What started as an unfortunate medical setback […]

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The Original Billy ebike is the Ultimate Joyride

Years ago when searching for a folding electric bike I stumbled upon this funky video advertising a totally cool-looking folder. It was the Original Billy ebike. The entire vibe of this folding fat tire e-bike […]

Lectric eBikes XPremium with Comfort Package
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How Does the Lectric XPremium Compare?

The garage band was back at it last Friday making more Lectric announcements. This time instead of unveiling a less expensive Lectric XP LITE to their fans they went the other way to a more […]

The Groove Folding E-bike
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The Groove Folding Fat Tire E-Bike by GEN3

The Groove from Gen3 is a new folding fat tire e-bike to hit the market. It doesn’t take much to notice that prices of folding e-bikes have been on the rise lately, but this fat […]

Qualisports Dolphin by lake
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Does Qualisports Dolphin Have Look-Alikes?

With the accelerated demand for e-bikes, we are starting to see look-alike folding e-bikes just with different brand names and one or two spec modifications. As mentioned in our Qualisports Dolphin review this is one […]

G-Force T42 Folding E-Bike
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G-Force T42 Folding Electric Bike Review and Video

G-Force is a micro-mobility manufacturer of folding e-bikes and a couple of e-scooters. The G-FORCE T42 fat tire folding e-bike is currently their best-seller in a lineup that ranges from dual-suspension e-folders to a hardtail […]

Lectric XP 2.0 Electronic Bike
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The Lectric XP 2.0 is Almost Here!

For those who have been posting YouTube videos of your Lectric XP upgrades or sending suggestions directly to the owners well they have listened. The Lectric XP 2.0 has been updated, upgraded, and ready to […]