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Racing a Brompton Uphill [VIDEO]

So what would happen if you put a world-class cyclist, namely British Hill Climb champion Andrew Feather, on a Brompton and raced against him? Could he be beaten by someone with a superbike? Ollie from […]

Brompton T Line Urban
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Brompton Launches T Line Urban and It’s Light

Brompton Bicycle just launched its T Line Urban folding bike as part of an all-new titanium T Line lineup. The good is the T Line has been “reinvented” to create Brompton’s lightest tri-fold folding bike […]

MOBOT Camp Royale
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Does Brompton Have Look-Alikes?

While you most often associate the term “look-alikes” with celebrities like Matt Damon or Jennifer Aniston you rarely think of the term as it relates to folding bikes. But when you achieve celebrity status like […]

718 Brompton Premium Parts logo
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High End Upgrades to a Brompton 2s

Brompton Bicycle has been manufacturing folding bikes since mid-’70s. With this kind of longevity comes not only an avid fan base but an entire third-party marketplace with all types of parts and pieces to make […]


Did he really toss his Brompton?

This is probably one of the best long term reviews of an active Brompton owner. Yes, it may be a little lengthy (estimated read time 10 mins) but kudos to Aaron Tsuru for this humorous, […]

Brompton CHPT3 V3
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Brompton x CHPT3 Review and Video

So we all know that Brompton is the most well-known name around the world for folding bikes, but what if we add the name, David Millar. These two created a partnership 5 years ago to […]


Is there a new Brompton rear rack in town?

With Brompton being the most well know folding bike in the world there creates an opportunity for third-party add-on inventors. In the video below you will see a new rear rack from GOrack (version GRV2-CS) […]

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Watch: Touring on a folding bike?

Have you ever toured on a bike? Ever thought about it? Well, this couple provides excellent reasons to consider touring with folding bikes from personal experiences of using both styles of bicycles.


3 Essential Brompton Folding Bike Upgrades

Brompton folding bikes are without a doubt the most popular folding bikes on the market. With a large rider base also comes numerous improvements to these bikes that are offered via third-party vendors. This excellent […]