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National and World (Folding) Bicycle Days

National Bicycle Days and World Bicycle Days help brings awareness to the health benefits of riding a bicycle. Yes, that also includes folding bikes! Some of these bicycle days and even a month were created […]

Folding Bikes


Ingenuity never seems to cease especially when it comes to folding bikes. POP-CYCLE is trying to take the 16-inch wheel folding bike market one step further. POP-CYCLE has removed the fold and added a slide […]

Folding Bikes

SU18 Folds in Less Than 5 Seconds [KICKSTARTER]

We have been intrigued by this folding bike concept since it started seeking backers on Kickstarter. It seems that there is this ongoing competition around the world to produce the best and fastest folding bike. […]

Icoma Tatamel Folding E-Bike
Folding Bikes

7 Very Interesting Folding Bikes for 2023

With the beginning of each new year comes announcements of product launches in every category. The folding bike niche is always one of the more interesting niches for new designs. This year is no different […]


My Best Folding Bike Accessories for 2022

Every year cyclists try new accessories to make their ride safer, more comfortable, or enhance their folding bikes’ utility. While I am not like some gear junkies I do enjoy seeking out new items that […]

Passenger Ready Lectric eBikes XP 3.0
Folding Bikes

Lectric eBikes XP 3.0 is Passenger Ready

It didn’t take long for Lectric eBikes to continue with major product announcements for 2022. This year has been busy for Lectric. Launching an upgraded XP to an XP 2.0, a belt drive lightweight XP […]

Folding Bike Reviews

Dahon HIT D6 Folding Bike Review [VIDEO]

Dahon is one of the largest folding bike companies in the world. They manufacture high-quality folding bikes with their flagship being the Dahon Mariner D8. Obviously with the world kinda crazy the last few years […]