Heybike Tyson Folding E-Bike with 4G
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Heybike Tyson Folding E-Bike Hits 28 MPH Plus 4G

When it comes to folding e-bikes, finding the perfect balance between power, portability, and affordability can be quite challenging. But look no further, as the Heybike Tyson folding electric bike seems to check almost all […]

AHOOGA Power 36v - Stylish Yellow
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AHOOGA Folding Bikes Are Colorfully Fun

We need to start from the beginning and that is – what exactly is an ahooga? An ahooga is actually an onomatopoeia. But what’s an onomatopoeia? That’s when the sound of something creates the formation […]

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The Original Billy ebike is the Ultimate Joyride

Years ago when searching for a folding electric bike I stumbled upon this funky video advertising a totally cool-looking folder. It was the Original Billy ebike. The entire vibe of this folding fat tire e-bike […]

JUNTO MetroMini
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JUNTO MetroMini Folding E-bike First Look

The JUNTO MetroMini is a folding electric bike that we accidentally bumped into while scouring the internet for lightweight folding e-bikes. What immediately caught our eye wasn’t the sub-40 lbs of the MetroMini, but that […]

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Carbon Frame Folding E-Bike Roundup

CARBO started raising funds in 2018 via Indiegogo for what was billed as the “world’s lightest folding e-bike.” What made this folding e-bike so lightweight was the use of a Japanese Toray carbon fiber frame. […]

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HONBIKE, Look Mom No Chain

This is a unique entry into the folding e-bike category. While some manufacturers work on folding minimalism and others on being the lightest folding bike, HONBIKE has decided to focus its folding efforts on an […]

Lectric eBikes XPremium with Comfort Package
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How Does the Lectric XPremium Compare?

The garage band was back at it last Friday making more Lectric announcements. This time instead of unveiling a less expensive Lectric XP LITE to their fans they went the other way to a more […]