Tips on Extending E-Bike Battery Life and Overall Battery Care [VIDEO]

It doesn’t take long to realize that your e-bike battery is the most expensive component of your folding e-bike.

Taking care of your e-bike battery is a must due to the high replacement cost.

Every new folding e-bike owner seems to ask the following questions:

  • How long should my battery last (overall charging cycles)?
  • What is the proper way to care for the battery?
  • How often should I recharge my battery?
  • Do I have to be careful in how I handle my battery?
  • How to care for my e-bike battery in the winter and summer?

Knowing what to do with your e-bike battery is just as important as what NOT to do, for example, do not ride your battery to full discharge every time.

In this easy-to-watch 10-minute video below Grey Beard (that’s his channel) addresses every owner’s concerns about e-bike battery longevity and care.

Battery Storage Tip – Make sure you use the battery a little every month or two. Long term storage (even at 70% charged) without any usage can drain the battery to the point of damage.