Turn Folding Bike Into E-Bike with LIVALL PikaBoost [INDIEGOGO]

You have seen numerous options to convert your folding bike into an e-bike. They range from the popular Swytch Kit to a full-blown e-bike conversion kit. Both require some technical knowledge but nothing is as easy as the Livall PikaBoost to propel your bike.

PikaBoost is an e-bike converter that is as simple as clipping the converter to your seat post and pressing it down till the power wheel meets your rear wheel. Easy on and also easy off – no tools required.

PikaBoost on Folding Bike

LIVALL PikaBoost highlights:

  • No tools required
  • Automatic Adaptive Rate technology (sensors)
  • Converts all Bikes to E-Bikes
  • Lightweight e-bike converter
  • Lithium Battery
  • Three riding modes
  • Anti-Slip/Wear Resistant Wheel

Watch the video below to see PikaBoost in action.

Learn more about the LIVALL PikaBoost E-Bike converter.