X1 Foldable Bike Stem for BMX Handlebars [INDIEGOGO]

Not all folding e-bike riders enjoy biking with flat bar handlebars and a vertical stem. The riding position can be too upright and has a feeling of limited control.

For some riders, this is solved by upgrading to BMX-style handlebars. While performance, stability, control, and comfort may increase the riding experience it does comes at a cost which is the loss of the ability to fold down your handlebars like the Original Billy E-Bike.

When the problem becomes big enough eventually someone will try to solve it. That is what industrial designer Raymond Philip is solving with his X1 STEM. The X1 STEM allows BMX handlebars to be folded down making your “folding bike” once again fully foldable.

X-1 Stem Folding Handlebar Stem

X1 STEM highlights:

  • Made from High Strength Aluminum Alloy (7075-T6)
  • X1 STEM design does not have any welding links
  • Makes folding e-bikes with BMX handlebars fully foldable again

Watch the promo video below. Fast forward to 1:35 min. mark to see X1 Stem in action.

We hope his campaign gets fully funded as the X1 Stem solves a real problem.

Learn more about the X1 Stem Foldable Stem at Indiegogo.