YikeBike Electric Bike Review and Video

Ok, ok we understand that YikeBike launched years ago and that they are no longer in production but we came across these folding wheels and felt compelled to write about it so we could at least archive this project. And yes, the YikeBike is still for sale and at a drastically reduced price plus free shipping!

YikeBike with all its press coverage, as well as being named top 50 inventions of the year by Time Magazine, seems like the project has stalled. YikeBike (according to their website) is currently seeking a sale or merger of their business, including all technology, design, patents, intellectual property, tooling, stock, and manufacturing systems, of course.

YikeBike concept

Based in New Zealand, YikeBike was a micro-mobility project that was trying to go beyond your everyday folding bike and create something smaller in size when folded. Although this project started as a pedal-only idea it thankfully shifted to electric using the latest electric bike technologies.

The YikeBike conceptual goal was as follows:

The vision of congested cities, pollution and lost time was the inspiration to create a unique and compact personal transport solution”

YikeBike Team

When you look at a YikeBike it more resembles a shrunken down version of a penny-farthing bicycle (or high wheel), but with the handlebars set behind you.

While we can say that we will probably never have the opportunity to experience a YikeBike we have watched some videos and read a few YikeBike rider reviews to know that this design is challenging and comes with a learning curve. Even the company recommends getting some slow-speed practice before hitting the open roads.

YikeBike design

The YikeBike Model V appears to be their more popular model and is constructed of hydroformed aluminum and composite reinforced polymer. The Model V, while sitting lower than the Model C, also offers a 2 and 3 wheel configuration option. The 3 wheel setup gets you closer to an adult tricycle, but hey, that’s how we all learned to ride a bike.

The Model V is built on 20 inch wheel platform and houses a motor that produces less than 200W of continuous power. Obviously, the Model V was not built for speed and hill-climbing but for true micro-mobility around a flat town. A full battery charge (90 minute charge time) will provide an approximate range of 12 miles. The YikeBike Model V, depending upon the weight of the rider, has a max speed of 13 -15 m.p.h.

The Model V handlebars contain the throttle, brake, horn, LED lights, and turning indicator signals. What is most amazing is that the Model V has electronic ABS regenerative braking. That’s right, if you slam on the brakes at 14 miles per hour the anti-skid braking will provide a quick and controlled halt!

The major challenge to the YikeBike is it not only requires both hands to operate at all times but there is no ability to add a carrying basket or rear rack. So everything needs to be carried in a backpack similar to riding an e-scooter.

The YikeBike on a whole is well thought out from every design angle all the way down to the fold. The overall carrying weight of a YikeBike is just shy of 30 lbs.

YikeBike Pricing and Specs

The YikeBike Model V, originally priced at $5,495, is currently on sale for just $4,995 USD and still includes free shipping. At this point, we can’t guarantee there is any real warranty. The upper-tier pricing of both the Model V and Model C reflect the complete custom manufacturing for each component of these bikes. The main features are as follows:

MOTOR Less than 200W continuous power, 6000 rpm Brushless DC Motor and torque sensor
BATTERY 36V 313 W/h lithium-ion
RANGE 12.5 miles
MAX SPEED 14.3 mph
FRAME  hydroformed aluminum and composite reinforced polymer
RIMS 20 inch (20×1.35” pneumatic with thornproof tube), 8 inch (8 x 1.25) rear wheel
PEDALS Folding pegs on front wheel
LIGHTS Permanent LED, White front, Amber Side and Red Rear
BRAKES Electronic ABS regenerative braking
WEIGHT 29.5 lbs
FOLDING SIZE 26″ x 7.5″ x 21.5″

Photo Courtesy YikeBike